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In commercial buildings, HVAC systems represent about 40% of total energy consumption. Hence, owners and manager might find ways to decrease these costs by choosing an alternative to air compressor aided conditioning: evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling is particularly cost-efficient in large scale commercial applications like shopping centers, warehouses, workshops, office spaces and more. The SKVF cycles outdoor air and controls indoor temperature, contributing to employee productivity and general occupant welfare. As for climate controlled storage, evaporative cooling ensures product conservation in an adequate ambient temperature.

The SKVF requires low maintenance which can be performed with ease using its removable panels. It reduces the environmental footprint of the cooling system with its energy-efficient operation, which also lessens the overall costs of the evaporative cooler’s function.

Neptronic’s SKVF also has a feature allowing it to be ducted, which reduces its noise disturbance in offices and shopping centers and increases its cooling capacity in different rooms.

Our SKVF’s controller allows for user inputs to be managed and prevents unwanted intervention in the operation of the evaporative cooler, while our optional HRL24 Room Humidistat/Thermostat can be used to remotely monitor and control humidity or temperature levels.


  • Reduces cooling energy consumption
  • Improves indoor air quality for staff and clients
  • Requires low and easy maintenance
  • Can be ducted in applications where the space allows it

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