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During summertime, livestock buildings can accumulate heat, causing stress to animals and negatively impacting their health. Evaporative cooling is an ideal alternative to costly air conditioning equipment, as it has a reduced environmental impact and is much more energy-efficient.

By cooling the building, you will provide the livestock with comfort and wellbeing, which will then increase productivity. It reduces heat stress, inefficient feeding and risks of diseases, while making space for improved cattle and poultry weight gain, gestation and product quality (milk, eggs...). Losses due to overheat will be decreased and your business’ yield will be greater.

Providing adequate temperature control will also ensure worker comfort, health and safety. Therefore, their productivity will augment, and mistakes and injuries provoked by the heat will be mitigated.

The SKVF requires low maintenance which can be performed with ease using its removable panels. It also reduces the environmental footprint of the cooling system with its energy-efficient operation, which also lessens the overall costs of the evaporative cooler’s function.

Benefits of an evaporative cooler:

  • Reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs
  • Increases animal health, welfare and production
  • Prevents heat stress, inefficient feeding, and diseases
  • Provides optimal growing environment

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