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Data centers are where all the internet-related information is stored. They must constantly have an environment that ensures their safety and optimal operation.

Processing and storage devices generate a lot of heat in data centers. When the heat builds up in the room, it can cause damage to the equipment and slow down the server speed and efficiency.

To maintain the data centers at their peak performance capacities, cooling is required. Our SKVF Evaporative Cooler recuperates the room’s excess heat and uses it to evaporate water from the unit’s wet media to add moisture to the air. This energy transfer then contributes to cool the area. By recycling the heat, the SKVF reduces energy consumption and is more cost-effective.

Adding humidity to the air also reduces risks of electrostatic buildup and discharge that could lower the performance of the data center’s equipment.

The data centers’ room temperature and humidity can be closely monitored by the SKVF control system to ensure that our cooler contributes to the smooth operation of equipment, and staff comfort and safety.

Benefits of an evaporative cooler:

  • Improves server operation
  • Prevents equipment damage
  • Decreases equipment and room overheat
  • Reuses excess heat to evaporate and cool
  • Reduces risks of electrostatic discharge

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