Logo Neptronic
  • Capacities from 210-270lb/hr (95-122kg/hr) of steam
  • Floor stand installation
  • Modern and attractive design
  • Electric compartment separate from boiling compartment
> SK302 - SK360 6-180lb/hr
> SK370 - SK390 210-270lb/hr
> OUTDOOR 6-270lb/hr
SK370, SK380,SK390 - Engineered to Last
Neptronic enlarges the output capacities by introducing the 210, 240 and 270lb/hr (95, 110 and 122kg/hr) for very large commercial and industrial humidification demands.
Ease of Maintenance
1. Disconnect drain coupling
2. Disengage band clamp
3. Lower evaporation chamber using lifting mechanism and
    remove water tank for scale removal and cleaning
Certified with 2 Year Warranty