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  • Fully insulated with automatic heating and venting
  • Resistance: Maximum +50C (122F) ; Minimum -40C (-40F)
  • Steel powder coated with zinc primer
  • Smallest operational footprint
> SK302 - SK360 6-180lb/hr
> SK370 - SK390 210-270lb/hr
> OUTDOOR 6-270lb/hr
Ease of installation:
The SK300 with rooftop enclosure has been designed to be installed on a roof curb, but it can also be installed on a stand. The connections (water supply, drain, steam, power supply and controls) can be done from the side or bottom of the unit allowing complete flexibility to any configuration.
Ease of access:
The alphanumeric display is accessible through a window thus there is no need to open the front door to get a status of the humidifier. The rooftop enclosure is equipped with a hinged door and gasket providing a tight seal as well as full and direct access to the evaporation chamber and the electrical panel.
Operation in all climates:
The SK300 rooftop enclosure is fully insulated and constructed of heavy duty steel. The bottom drip pan is made of stainless steel. Exterior and interior surfaces are protected with a zinc primer and a polyurethane powder coating for best resistance against scratching and corrosion. A built-in anti-freeze and overheat protection ensures a safe operation for any climate.
Certified with 2 Year Warranty