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The Enerdrive System US. and International Patents

This is a fail safe device that is available in selected damper actuator and AQualine models. It relies on the inherent ability of capacitors to store energy and uses it as a source of energy in the event of a power failure.

Ultrasound Air Velocity Detector US. Patents

The VECTOR 3 is an air flow measuring device designed for fume or laboratory hood applications which require precise control. It is non intrusive, does not get contaminated and does not create any turbulence. The product is not yet commercialized.

The AFEC System US. and International Patents

This energy conservation level sensing innovation measures the conditions existing in the stainless steel boiling chamber of SK HUMIDIFIERS during operation. Its sensors detect the temperature and mass of the water and any foaming. The data are retrieved by the microprocessor and then displayed on the face of the unit. By regulating the water conditions, the microprocessor prevents unnecessary drain cycles and exposure of the heating elements out of water. It is not inhibited by either distilled or deionized water

Humidifier Siphon System, US & Canadian Patents

The new SKR residential units are using a new patent pending siphon system which acts as an overflow, drain and drain water temperature tempering device. This innovative feature led to a smaller more efficient overall design of the new SKR humidifier.

HEC, US & Canadian patents

The HEC patent used in conjunction with the duct heaters manufactured by Neptronic, permits the output of the heater to modulate even in very low airflow velocities (far below a standard P.D. switch cut-off).

Modulating down to 100 FPM allows an efficient heating proportional control in VAV application where air velocities often drop to low levels.

The HEC electronics also incorporate a low signal selection feature to intelligently choose the lower of the 2 control signals coming from the zone thermostat and the heater integrated air velocity transducer.

Gas Humidifier, US Patent

Clean Heat Exchangers are critical for proper and efficient function of gas humidifiers. However, gas-fired humidifiers are known for the difficult and time consuming cleaning process of the heat exchangers.

The HVAC industry now has an option to choose a patented, easily cleanable gas-fired humidifier incorporating a removable bottom half of the evaporation chamber. The patent also covers thermal shock applications to automatically remove scale from the heat exchanger.