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Neptronic Welcomes New Agent in the Netherlands

Neptronic Welcomes New Agent in the Netherlands

Montreal, Canada | November 8th, 2022 - Neptronic’s expansion continues as we add more agents to our list. As a result, we are pleased to announce that Elka Air B.V. will represent Neptronic in the Netherlands.

Elka Air B.V. was first established in 1964 and has since grown to be a well-known name in the air humidification industry. Elka Air B.V. provides customers with some of the most advanced humidification products and services. Having created strategic partnerships with other companies in the HVAC industry, Elka Air B.V. can accommodate personalized solutions for all your needs.

“Elka Air is a producer/supplier and a strong brand in the field of humidification! Our products are very present in different industries, you can't ignore the name Elka Air when it comes to humidification. However, our product range was not complete, which made it difficult to win
certain projects. Now that we have become a family member of Neptronic, we are confident that we will dominate the Dutch market on all fronts of humidification!” – D.A. Weenink, Maarten van der Salm, Niels ter Meer.

About Elka Air

50 years ago, in 1964 Elka Air started producing high-quality compressed air nozzles. These nozzles were mainly used in the wood processing industry and in the flower sector.To this day, the team of Elka Air specialists independently produces high-quality humidification systems for industries.


At Elka Air, we believe that in addition to temperature and ventilation, optimal moisture management is a requirement for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. We believe that proper humidity ensures product and process optimization. To achieve optimal moisture management, we develop, produce and install high-quality humidifiers as well as peripherals for the best suitable requirement for your company.

Whether for industry or non-residential construction, Elka Air has the ambition to offer the most optimal humidification solution for every situation. We do this with a very enthusiastic group of reliable people who share a shared passion for technology, health and sustainability.

About Neptronic

Neptronic’s equipment is the first choice for air conditioning manufacturers and designers due to our experience in the manufacturing of humidification equipment, our practical redesigns in maintenance, precision in operation and low energy consumption, all thanks to our new patented designs.

Our dedicated team of over 300 experts designs and manufactures all our products in Montreal, Canada, where our 9,000 m2 (97,000 sq.ft.) facility stands proudly. Our exclusive distribution network provides comprehensive solutions to our customers around the world.