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Neptronic was chosen by Haften for a project in the textile industry August 2021

Neptronic was chosen by Haften for a project in the textile industry

Montreal, Canada | August 13 , 2021 - We are thrilled to announce that the IKANO Industry project led by our agent in Mexico, Haften, has been completed lately. Five of Neptronic’s SKH humidifiers have been installed in the textile industry, along with 70 mist distribution units (MDU).

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IKANO Industry manufactures mattresses and furniture. The Neptronic products were installed where mattresses are fabricated to aid in the manufacturing process. Proper humidification in this facility prevents threads from tangling in the sewing machines by enhancing their elasticity and durability.

Humidification in this manufacturing plant also ensures employee health and comfort, since it helps control dust and pathogens in the air, bettering the work environment. It also contributes to product quality by avoiding static and by generating adiabatic cooling. Rodrigo Almaráz Olmos, engineer in product applications at Haften, explains:

“Neptronic equipment is the first choice for air conditioning manufacturers and designers due to its experience in the manufacturing of humidification equipment with its most practical redesigns in maintenance, precision in operation and low energy consumption thanks to its new patented designs.”

Why Neptronic?

At Neptronic, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to diverse applications, such as the textile industry. We have been at the heart of humidification innovation since 1976 to help enhance process efficiency and end-result quality by generating the ideal ambient conditions for our customers’ needs.

Committed to research and development, we constantly aim to improve our products’ reliability and precision. Our dedicated team of over 300 experts works in Montreal, Canada to create the ideal solutions for your applications.