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Supersize Me!
Neptronic's large load heaters

While the majority of the heaters that we build are meant for in-duct applications, every now and then we receive an order for a heater of much more sizeable proportions.

Designed specifically for an AHU, Neptronic's high capacity heaters are capable of meeting seriously high demands. In July of 2014, Vale Canada Limited, the second largest producer of nickel in Canada, installed a Neptronic large load heater in one of their mine shafts in Thompson, Manitoba. This heater has a full capacity of 9580kW. By contrast, our regular line accommodates capacities from 0.5 to 1000kW.

Vale Canada Limited
Thompson, Manitoba

On a slightly smaller scale, but a giant nonetheless, one recent commission for an OEM was a 570kW heater with 10 stages (1 modulating and 9 On-Off) and measuring 87" x 81".

On site at the Neptronic facility, a 570kW heater

Meant for use in heavy industrial areas (i.e.: mines) and hospitals, our large load heaters are also supplied to schools, universities and remarkably, palaces in the Middle East. These jobs are interesting because one might assume that the challenges posed by such a substantial unit in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy savings, must be considerably more difficult. On the contrary, by controlling these large kW heaters by employing proportional (modulating) control combined with a Vernier sequence, they are ultimately the most cost-effective and with a stable heat output.

For more information about control and the Vernier sequence, click the link below to see our 2 part heater series Tech Time from October and November of 2016.

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