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Let's Not Get Technical
Storing Electric Heaters

Received your electric heaters way earlier than scheduled? Need to store them for weeks, months or even a year?

Storing at an appropriate space could help protect the condition of the heater, consequently prolonging its lifespan. A few simple guidelines to follow;

The building, its floors and the shelves on which the Electric Heaters are stored need to be electrically grounded to protect the circuit boards (Memory chip of HEC controller).

Climate Control: To remain in proper operating condition and to prevent possible damage, all electronic components should be stored in a climate controlled facility. Climate controlled means that the temperature and humidity levels are monitored to ensure that they are stable and within recommended range. Air-conditioned storage is recommended along with humidification and dehumidification.

  • Ideal Storage Temperature Range: 15℃ to 27℃ (60℉ to 80℉)
  • Ideal Storage Humidity Range: 30% to 60% relative humidity (RH)

Air Quality: Proper ventilation is recommended. Dust free air should circulate freely through the storage facility. Ventilation can be brought in with a simple fan or an air-conditioning system. Heaters could rust if salt air or other corrosive chemicals are present in the atmosphere.


Store them right, keep them safe!