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Where's Waldo?

Finding Model and Revision Numbers on Neptronic Controllers, Thermostats and Sensors

When calling for technical support, it is very important to be able to identify the controllers and accessories for us to provide the best support possible. For control families such as EVCB and EFCB, this is particularly true since these products keep evolving.

Most of the time, when technical support is required, the project has already been installed, which means that the equipment box is already in the garbage. So this rules out using the box to identify the product. Most of the time, the instructions (that were in the box) have been thrown away as well. Keeping at least one instruction per controller type would be greatly appreciated by the contractor that needs to change the configurations.

If this is not done and the box and instructions are not available, then we can refer directly to the controller or sensor. Every equipment has a label somewhere to identify the model number, revision, and serial number. The following paragraphs provide notes and tips on how to find this information.

EVCB (VAV Controllers)

The EVCB have two parts; the controller (EVCB) and the thermostat (TRL). The information for the EVCB is located at the bottom of the controller (see image #1 below).

Description from top to bottom and from left to right;

NF represents the controls family

EVCB14NIT0S represents the model

V.410 represents the software revision

72-114217 represents the serial number

Note that first generation controllers have a slight difference in the nomenclature;


Second generation controllers;


Software revision can also be a good indication between the two.

The serial number can be broken down as follows;

The thermostat (TRL) has the same information at several places;

On the back plate of the TRL (see image below).

The information can also be found on the back of the TRL directly (see image on the right).

Note that the TRL revision does not represent the controller revision. This information will be asked if we believe there is a compatibility issue between the TRL and the EVCB. First generation TRL will have a revision number starting with V.1xx, and the second generation will have a revision starting with V.2xx.

EFCB (Fan Coil Controllers)

The TFL thermostat for the EFCB controller has the same labels at the same locations as the TRL described above. The EFCB controller information is on the right-hand side (see image below).

Note that first generation controllers have a slight difference in the nomenclature;


Second generation controllers;


Software revision can also be a good indication between the two.

Wall Mount Controllers and sensors

Wall mount controllers, such as TUCB, TROB, TFCB and AROB and have the same label types as the TRL/TFL thermostats.

Sensors & Components

Sensors and components have similar information except for the revision number. Since they do not operate any program or software, they do not require this information.

Below is an example of a room temperature sensor (STR1-11);

Below are two examples of a duct temperature sensor (STC8-13) and a pressure transmitter (SPD);


All actuators have the same information, and they are all located at the same place. Below is an example of an actuator sticker location and information;

The information can be found on the top of the actuator, where the linkage is located (see image on the left).

TM060W represents the model of the actuator

60-906324 represents the serial number

No software revision is required

Additional Notes

There are a few other ways to find some information concerning the products. One of them consists of unclipping the thermostat or controller from the back plate and clipping it back on. When the device starts up, it shows the software revision. This information does not stay very long (a few seconds), so you have to be fast. In the case of the EVCB & EFCB controllers, two revisions will be displayed; TRL/TFL revision, followed by the EVCB/EFCB revision (see images below).


BACnet users with a BMS can have all this information when accessing the Device Object from the Config menu (see below);

When requesting technical support, you should always have the model number of the controller. The revision helps us identify the options available for that particular device. From there, we’ll be properly prepared to help you adequately.