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Easy as Pie
Humidisoft Account Creation Quick and Easy

The Humidisoft online sizing and selection software saves you time when sizing and specifying commercial, industrial or residential humidifiers. Existing Head rep account holders can create and add users in a few simple steps:

1- Sign in to Humidisoft

  • Go to www.humidisoft.com to access the humidifier selection software
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Press the Submit button

2- After logging in and agreeing to Neptronic’s Web Site User Agreement terms, the Project Listing page appears. Then, select the Users tab.

3- In the Users tab, there are different options available.

  • Add a new user to your company
  • Add a new company and its users (for example an engineering firm for which you would like to give access to make selections only). To create a new user, provide user details and then press Done.

When creating a new user, the User Type is set automatically to Engineer. To set the user to Representative or Head Representative, contact us. Representative and Head Representative accounts have access to pricing while Engineer accounts have access only to selections.

Advantages of our online Humidisoft online sizing and selection software:

  • Automatic humidification load calculation
  • Allows the selection of the humidifier model and available options
  • Display Absorption Distance
  • Steam Dispersion Selection
  • Allows you to create equipment schedule and specification
  • Generates approval specification sheet
  • Saves your project history in a database
  • Project management