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Ask and it Shall Be Answered (part 2)
Answers to Frequent Customer Enquiries

Where should the Enable/Disable contact be wired on the SK humidifier?

The enable/disable contact should be installed in series with the control signal to the humidifier (if a control signal is supplied) or in series with the air pressure switch.

The replacement heating elements are longer, are they the correct ones?

Absolutely! Early this year, we increased the length of six models of our heating elements by 2.5 inches. These longer elements are supplied as replacement parts with humidifiers that have shorter ones, and will fit properly inside the evaporation chamber. The mix match length does not affect the operation or the efficiency of the humidifier.

Can a 10A fuse be used for the SK electric humidifier as indicated on the terminal?

The answer is NO. The maximum 10A is the limitation of the fuse terminal. It is not the rating of the fuse that should be used for the humidifier.
There are two different values of amperage, please select the proper one that should be used with your electric humidifier:

  • •2.5amp fuse when the humidifier is equipped with a motorized drain valve and a 50VA transformer.
  • •4amp fuse when the humidifier is equipped with a drain pump (plastic white pump) and a 100VA transformer.

Using a fuse with higher amperage value will not protect the transformer from an inrush current.