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Humidity Control Innovation
New Duct Humidistat and HR020/HROB20 Wall Mounted Controllers

Introducing a new duct humidistat!

The SHH8 on/off duct humidistat model monitors and controls relative humidity.

Suitable for humidification and dehumidification applications, this new model offers several features:

  • 8-inch long sensor that extends inside the duct to provide an accurate reading.
  • Set point from 30 to 100% R.H.
  • An ABS housing rated IP54 (equivalent to NEMA 3)
  • It can be used as a high limit duct humidistat in the supply duct or to control the humidity level in the space when it is installed in the return duct.
  • Two 5A resistive, 24vac contacts

The SHH8 replaces the previous HC201 model.

For further information, please follow this link to download the specification sheet from our website.

SHH8 Specification Sheet

The new and improved HRO20 and HROB20 wall mount humidity controllers!

In January 2016, we introduced the new HRO20, which combines the features of the previous models HRO20 and HRO20LSS (low signal selector).

In addition, this new model offers several new features and improvements:

  • Fully configurable PID on all ramps
  • Two analog inputs fully configurable
  • External humidity sensor averaging
  • External demand low signal selector
  • And more...

Please follow this links to obtain additional details about the new features and improvement from our website.

Additional information

The HRO20 conserves its compatibility with other products, please note the external temperature sensor input has changed from pin 13 to pin 3 and pin 13 is a new analog input.

See below for the terminal description:

The HROB20 replaces the HROB20LSS. It has the same features as the HRO20 with BACnet MS/TP capability.

For further information, please follow these links to download the specification sheet from our website.