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TechTime is a Neptronic publication aiming to inform you on the best ways to deal with common issues highlighted by our technical support team. Each edition features three new topics and will be posted on neptronic.com.

Ask and It Shall Be Answered
Answers to Frequent Customer Enquiries

In this edition of TechTime, we will focus on frequent questions that were asked by customers over the past few years.

Q: What is the equivalent in water for the amount of steam evaporated?

A: - 1 lb/hr of steam = 1 lb/hr of water
- 1 lb/hr of water = 0.12 gallon/hr or 0.002 gpm
- Metric: 1 kg/hr of steam = 1 liter/hr of water

Q: What is the drain flow rate for SK humidifiers?

A: For SK humidifiers equipped with a drain pump, the drain flow rate is approximately 7-8 gpm (0.44 l/s - 0.51 l/s).

The SKR uses a patented siphon system to drain the evaporation chamber. The drain flow rate is approximately 1.5gpm (0.1 l/s)

Q: How to get the humidifier operating after maintenance is done when the message Service Required is displayed on the SK300/SKE?

A: For a standard unit (without BACnet option), turn the rocker switch to the OFF position and press the RESET button located on the main PC board inside the electrical panel. Access the menu by pressing the "*" button and go to RUNNING HRS, press and hold the UP and DOWN buttons for 15 seconds until the hours on the display reset to zero.

For SK300/SKE humidifiers with the BACnet option, access the menu by pressing the "*" button and go to RUNNING HRS, press and hold the UP and DOWN buttons for 15 seconds until the hours on the display reset to zero.

Q: Is there an advantage to supply water from a hot water tank to the humidifier?

A: No there is no advantage to supply hot water to the humidifier. There is no energy saving, it will require the same amount of energy to heat the water to a boiling temperature.

Also, the internal drain cooler will not be able to temper the water from the evaporation chamber during a drain cycle since the supply water is hot.

Q: Is it possible to supply RO water to the SKR (residential) humidifier?

A: The SKR humidifier uses conductive sensors to detect the water level inside the evaporation chamber. Supplying water that has a low content of minerals (low conductivity or high resistivity) will prevent the water level sensors from producing a proper reading. The minimum resistivity for the water supply is 13K Ohms.

Q: On the SK300/SKE humidifiers (without BACnet), what is the significance of the message SAFETY OPEN displayed on the LCD screen?

A: "Safety Open" refers to the controls that are wired between the low voltage terminals 1 and 2. It indicates that one of the controls has an open contact.

The controls that are normally wired between these two terminals are the air pressure switch and the high limit duct mount humidistat (for steam supplied to a duct) or a high limit wall mount humidistat (for steam supplied directly into the room with a stand-alone unit).

It is not the high limit temperature switch located on the lid of the evaporation chamber (this temperature switch will turn off the unit).

Q: Do the SK units have a backflow preventer?

A: Yes, the SK300/SKE, SKR, SKG and SKS are equipped with a plumbing assembly that prevents a vacuum of the water from the evaporation chamber, therefore the water inside the humidifier will not return to the water supply system.

Q: I hear a gurgling noise near the humidifier or from the duct, where is it coming from?

A: This noise is caused by a partial blockage of the steam line. There is a restriction on the steam line where condensate is accumulating and prevents the proper flow of steam to the duct. Please verify that the steam line has an appropriate slope, and there are no kinks and sags on the flexible hose.