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Building and company owners are required to keep humidity levels in the health comfort range for their office workers, which is normally between 35 and 50% RH. By increasing comfort, concentration and efficiency will improve in offices, thereby enhancing company productivity. This also prevents absenteeism due to health issues caused by dry air, such as eye irritation, skin problems, respiratory diseases and even increased stress.

As mentioned in ASHRAE standard 16, the risk of bacteria and pathogens are considerably decreased between 30 and 60% RH, while viruses are greatly reduced in the same range. Following this recommendation is crucial in offices because it is one of the spaces where occupants spend most of their time.

When the air is dry, electronic equipment like printers and copy machines, computers and telephones is also affected because electrostatic buildup can damage them. Dry air can also damage expensive wood flooring and structure by causing it to warp and crack. Overall, humidity control can better the equipment’s operation and the preservation of infrastructure in offices while also keeping workers happy, motivated and comfortable.

Neptronic’s humidifiers can help create the optimal ambient conditions for office workers. Our vast selection of controllers, sensors and humidistats help you accurately and reliably monitor and control your humidifier according to your needs.

Benefits of our humidification:

  • Improve indoor air quality, health and comfort
  • Help reduce absenteeism
  • Lower heating cost with perceived high temperature
  • Improve electronic equipment’s smooth operation
  • Can be monitored and controlled with our range of accessories

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