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SKR News Update

Out with the old, in with the new

SKR News Update

In the coming weeks, we will be introducing several changes to the design and options on the SKR series, electric residential humidifiers. This month’s topic consists of a list of these modifications.

The most requested feature: A 24vac output (for 60Hz version only).

Since the introduction of the modulating option for the SKR series humidifier, the wall mounted humidity controller, HRO20, requires an external 24vac power supply source.

It is no longer necessary!

We added a 24vac output which is now a standard feature on our SKR modulating units.

The modified terminal TB6 on the SKR modulating pcb has 3 terminals instead of 2.

Description of terminal TB6, Control Signal:
0-10, 2-10vdc or 4-20mA input
24vac output

This improvement will greatly facilitate the installation of the SKR humidifier and the related controls.

SKR News Update

SKR News Update

Description of TB6 terminal

Power supply terminal on the main pcb (60Hz units only)

The latest design of the main pcb is equipped with a green terminal block for the high voltage power. The wires for the high voltage power supply (TB7) and the output to the heating element (TB8) will be connected to these green terminals.

The high voltage wires are no longer connected to the blades on top of the black square relays.

This advancement will eliminate the female yellow terminal at the end of the wire, therefore reducing the risk of overheating wires caused by loose terminals.

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SKR News Update
SKR News Update

High voltage terminals

SKR News Update

High voltage relays and wires

Option L, Lock On power

The lock on power, option L, allows the installer to manually set the limit for the maximum steam output of the SKR humidifier.

Lock on power is used to reduce the maximum steam output of the humidifier when the selected humidifier has a steam capacity that is slightly oversize for the required application or to prevent air saturation (condensation) inside the duct.

A new modification for modulating the maximum steam output has been done for models, SKR30 and SKR40 (60Hz), SKR4E and SKR5E (50Hz) by using a solid state relay (SSR). In doing so, the lock on option for these models is no longer available.

The alternative option to the lock on power is to use in the supply duct, a proportional high limit humidity sensor, SHC80, in conjunction with a wall mount humidity controller, HRO20, to reduce the steam output of the humidifier when the humidity level in the supply duct is getting too close to saturation.
SKR News Update

Lock on power adjustment pcb

And finally, the Phone Jack control cables…

We are in the process of phasing out the SKR humidifier with the phone jack connections.

The kits R, D and S will be discontinued, only kit N for hard wires connection will remain.

Replacement parts for these units and controls will continue to be available.

The kit N offers more versatility to the installers, using an existing controller or the coming soon sleek, newly design Neptronic humidistat.
SKR News Update

Phone jack connections on main pcb

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