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OSHPD Explained

What is it? Oshkosh? Osheaga? No! It is OSHPD.

OSHPD Explained

Have you ever wondered what the acronym OSHPD, in a humidifier specification, stands for? This tech time edition will provide an overview of OSHPD.

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) was created in 1978 to provide the state of California with an enhanced understanding of the structure and function of its healthcare delivery systems. Since its inception, OSHPD’s role has expanded to include direct delivery of various services designed to promote healthcare accessibility within California. OSHPD is the leader in collecting data and disseminating information about California’s healthcare infrastructure, promoting an equitably distributed healthcare workforce, and publishing valuable information about healthcare outcomes.

OSHPD also monitors the construction, renovation, and seismic safety of hospitals and skilled nursing facilities to ensure that it is in compliance with a special set of standards and regulations in order to protect the professionals and patients.

The 1971 Sylmar earthquake put an emphasis on seismic safety regulations for hospitals and healthcare facilities in California.

OSHPD Explained

Olive View Hospital Sylmar, CA, 1971

OSHPD seismic certification is a requirement that mechanical and electrical equipment must remain operational following an earthquake. Manufacturers of this equipment must submit a declaration (Special Seismic Certification) that the equipment will remain operational after a design level earthquake. A dynamic test (or shaketest) must be performed followed by a report (in accordance with OSHPD standards) stating that the unit has passed and is seismically qualified.

Although not a requirement in other states than California, many states recognize OSHPD pre-approval as a complete and thorough review of equipment anchorage.

Neptronic remains steadfast in its commitment in achieving the OSHPD standards for our line of SK humidifiers.


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