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SK Electric Humidifier Outdoor Enclosure

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SK Electric Humidifier Outdoor Enclosure

Many customers have inquired about the weather enclosure of the SK300/SKE electric humidifiers. This month's Tech Time will summarize the features of this unit.

One key aspect of SK humidifier design is the location of the steam outlet, the water feed and drain connections and power and control wiring access. Neptronic offers multiple positioning options, including right side, left side and bottom of the humidifier. Customers are able to choose which options suit the field installation best.

SK Electric Humidifier Outdoor Enclosure

To simplify this process for everyone, we have a form that can be completed to identify the inlets and outlets layout. This form features options for steam and drain outlets as well as water supply and electrical supply inlets. You can find them here on our website. Changing the location of the inlets and outlets can easily be done in the field as required.

This unit is equipped with the "Anti Freeze Temperature" feature, which maintains the entire unit above freezing. To prevent tank water freeze up during a power outage, a normally open drain valve will empty the water from the evaporation chamber.

A base extension is provided with each unit. It can be used when the humidifier is not installed on a roof curb or the drain outlets must be on the side (field piped). There are two access panels on the base extension to provide access for maintenance and adjustment of services within.

IMPORTANT: The base extension is not heated. Precautions must be taken to prevent water from freezing inside that compartment. Water supply and drain pipes outside the humidifier enclosure must be heated if there is a possibility of freezing.

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