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SKR Connection to Nest Humidistat

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SKR Connection to Nest Humidistat

Neptronic offers several models of humidity controllers with the SKR residential series. If you are planning to use your own thermostat/humidistat, the SKR humidifier was designed to be compatible with most type of controls available in the market.

Humidistats come in two types, which basically comes down to 1-wire or 2-wire controls. If your stat uses 2 wires to control the humidity, good news, you can easily and quickly hook it up to the SKR humidifier. Most humidistats utilize 2 wires, much like a light switch, where a low voltage signal travels up one wire. The humidistat acts as a switch, closing the circuit for the voltage to travel down the second wire back to the humidifier to signal it should turn on.

For the other controllers, similar to the Nest, which only has 1 wire to control the humidifier, you must install a relay circuit. This type of controller will provide a 24vac output for the humidity demand. Since the SKR humidifier requires a dry contact closure, a relay must be used to convert the 24vac output to close the circuit.

SKR Connection to Nest Humidistat

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