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Comparing Evaporative Vs. High Pressure

Adiabatic Wars

Comparing Evaporative Vs. High Pressure

As some of you might have heard, Neptronic will soon be introducing a new high pressure atomizing humidifier called SKH. This makes a lot of people wonder what will be the main differences between this system and the SKV evaporative humidifier when it comes to selecting them for a project.

Each of these systems has their own characteristics that make them better in particular applications. Here are some of the main advantages and considerations of each system to help you better understand how they work and make the right choice when the time comes.

Operates with standard water Accurate control as adiabatic process stops when demand signal stops
Highly efficient - most water is evaporated Very reliable due to maintenance limited to RO membrane and softener
Can be located immediately upstream of other AHU/duct components; moisture eliminator required (additional space and pressure drop). Very reliable as easy to offer N+1 redundant pumps or station
Lower equipment cost than high pressure atomization No odors if RO water holding tank has UV sanitation or periodic drain

Possibly lower RH accuracy due to dry out period Requires demineralized water; higher first equipment and operating cost
Possibly lower RH accuracy due to continued adiabatic process even after demand signal stops (media still dries) 20-40% water waste due to evaporation efficiency
Possible odors Large system footprint
Maintenance to replace wetted media Higher equipment cost vs. SKV

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