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SKG Inlets & Outlets Location

You Like Delays? We Don’t!

SKG Inlets & Outlets Location

One key aspect of SKG Gas Fired Humidifier design is the location of the inlets and outlets. Neptronic offers many positioning options, including right side, left side and bottom of the humidifier. It's up to the customers to choose which options suits them best depending on the intended application.

This decision is crucial to the SKG’s design and production cannot start until this information is provided. This could cause delays in the production schedule if it was overlooked. That’s why it is very important to ensure this information reaches us as soon as possible.

To simplify this process for everyone, we have a form that can be completed to identify the inlets and outlets layout. This is one form for indoor installations and a separate form for outdoor installations. These forms feature options for steam, drain and flue outlets as well as water supply, electrical supply and gas supply inlets. You can find them here on our website.

SKG Inlets & Outlets Location
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