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Reset the “Operating Hours” Counter

Don’t Forget!

Reset the “Operating Hours” Counter

Servicing is a crucial step to keep a humidifier running well for as long as possible. To ensure proper servicing, Neptronic humidifiers are equipped with an “operating hours“ counter, which lets you know when to service them. However, if you don’t reset this counter every time maintenance is effectuated, it will not be able to send a notification for the next required servicing and the humidifier’s performance will decrease as time passes. It is therefore extremely important to reset the operating hours counter every time the humidifier is serviced.

Here is the 4-step procedure to perform a reset on a SKR Residential Steam Humidifier:

  1. Press the ''POWER'' push button to turn OFF the humidifier
  2. Press and hold the ''POWER'' and ''DRAIN'' push buttons for 20 seconds
  3. The red check light will turn off
  4. Perform required maintenance

That’s it, your humidifier’s servicing is now complete and you will be notified when it is time to do it again. Resetting procedures for other models are available here.

Reset the “Operating Hours” Counter

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