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All plants require different humidity levels for their growth cycle. In general, indoor plants require relative humidity to be maintained between 60 and 85% RH, but they all have their own preferences.

For example, leafy greens should have a 50 to 70% RH to avoid edge burn, root rot, powdery mildew and other diseases. On the other hand, tomatoes’ humidity needs can vary between 60 and 85% RH, with 70% RH being the optimal level for pollination. As for cucumbers, they usually require 60-70% RH.

However, humidity needs for all vegetables vary between day and night – cucumbers, for example, require 70-90% RH at night. This is when a reliable and easily programmable humidifier can come in handy.

Neptronic’s humidifiers can help create the optimal ambient conditions for plant growth. Our vast selection of controllers, sensors and humidistats help you accurately and reliably monitor and control your humidifier according to your needs.

Benefits of our humidification:

  • Increase plant growth conditions
  • Reduce risks of sickness and rot
  • Prevent over-watering
  • Decrease produce loss caused by wilting or rot
  • Can be monitored and controlled with our range of accessories

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