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Books, artworks, artefacts and archives are all part of an important historical heritage. It is our duty to ensure it can be passed on to future generations in a good state to bear witness of the past.

Among the most important factors to preserve art collections is the stability of the surrounding environment requiring temperature and humidity to be strictly controlled. Humidity fluctuations generate mechanical stress in hygroscopic materials like books and artworks, caused by the expansion and contraction of the fibers.

A properly controller atmosphere will help preserve any priceless manuscripts, books, works of art, archives and other artefacts. Often, valuable pieces are kept in glass boxes to be individually monitored according to their specific needs, which helps better adapt the environment for optimal preservation. These precautions can lengthen the objects’ lifespan by preventing electrostatic discharges and dust from damaging them.

Neptronic’s humidifiers can help create these optimal ambient conditions in museums and libraries. Our vast selection of controllers, sensors and humidistats help accurately and reliably monitor and control your humidifier to cater your needs.

Benefits of our humidification:

  • Reduce cracking and deformation
  • Prevent dust and static damage to exhibited objects
  • Preserve artworks, books and important documents for a longer time
  • Help maintain visitors and staffs’ indoor comfort
  • Can be monitored and controlled with our range of accessories

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