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TechTime is a Neptronic publication aiming to inform you on the best ways to deal with common issues highlighted by our technical support team. Each edition features three new topics and will be posted on neptronic.com.
Yes, You Have Options!
Electric Duct Heater Options

Neptronic electric heaters are custom made to suit your specifications. Our proprietary software allows you to select from many options to make this custom heater most suitable for your application. Click here to learn more.

Better Prevent Than Cure
Window Temperature Sensor and Outdoor Temperature Sensor

Excessive condensation can ruin the window-frame finishes and contribute to mold or mildew growth, which are serious moisture problems.
Click here to learn about Neptronic's solution to prevent this from happening.

Whatever Floats Your Boat
Setting Up Floating Signal or Three Position Control

Tri-state control, commonly known as three-point floating, is used as a modulating signal to drive the actuator closed or opened. Click here to learn how to configure a floating signal for the EVC series controller.