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TechTime is a Neptronic publication aiming to inform you of common issues highlighted by our technical support team and the best way to deal with them. Each edition features three new topics and will be posted on neptronic.com.

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Am I Exposed Enough?

Cold Spots (Blank Offs)


Cold spots are metal sheet add-ons that extend the distance between the control panel and the thermal cutouts (and coil) while keeping the same overall inside duct dimensions. This exposes the cutouts to the airstream and prevents overheating. Click here to learn more.

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Patrick Victor

Technical Support – Electric Heaters

Contact him at this email address pvictor@neptronic.com

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Connect to Nest

SKR Connection to Nest Humidistat


Neptronic offers several models of humidity controllers with the SKR residential series.  If you are planning to use your own thermostat/humidistat, the SKR humidifier was designed to be compatible with most type of controls available in the market. Click here to learn how to connect the SKR to Nest and other humidistats.


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David Wong

Technical Support – Humidifiers

Contact him at this email address david@neptronic.com 

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Sensor Vs. Switch

Changeover on the EVCB Series Controllers


In one-mode central systems, VAV controllers are set directly in the system’s mode but with two mode central systems, the controllers need to know if the air is cool or hot. In order for the controller to know the difference, a changeover temperature sensor or switch is required. Click here to learn more.



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Patrick Lafrance

Technical Support – HVAC Controls

Contact him at this email address patrick.lafrance@neptronic.com