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TechTime is a Neptronic publication aiming to inform you of common issues highlighted by our technical support team and the best way to deal with them. Each edition features three new topics and will be posted on neptronic.com.

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To Flip or not to Flip

Duct Heater Orientation


Neptronic heaters can be custom built for horizontal or vertical airflow. Control panels can be side, bottom or top mount or even remote mount if space is an issue. With all these different options available, it is always good to have the correct construction confirmed at design stage so that the heater can be built accordingly. Click here to learn more.

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Patrick Victor

Technical Support – Electric Heaters

Contact him at this email address pvictor@neptronic.com

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Adiabatic Wars

Comparing Evaporative Vs. High Pressure


As some of you might have heard, Neptronic will soon be introducing a new high pressure atomizing humidifier called SKH. This makes a lot of people wonder what will be the main differences between this system and the SKV evaporative humidifier when it comes to selecting them for a project. Click here to learn more.

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David Wong

Technical Support – Humidifiers

Contact him at this email address david@neptronic.com 

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Keep it up

BACnet native restore function


The new Neptronic application specific controllers (ASC's) now support BACnet native restore function.This means the new EVC VAV controller, EFC fan coil controller and TUCB universal wall controller can be directly upgraded over RS485 BACnet MS-TP in the field. Click here to learn more.



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Patrick Lafrance

Technical Support – HVAC Controls

Contact him at this email address patrick.lafrance@neptronic.com