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TechTime is a Neptronic publication aiming to inform you of common issues highlighted by our technical support team and the best way to deal with them. Each features three new topics and will be posted on neptronic.com.

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Does Distance Matter?

Airflow Conditions to Avoid


While installing a duct heater, there are certain basic rules to follow. Respecting minimum distances upstream and downstream of the heater is one of the important ones. Here are some installation tips that will prevent damaging of the heating elements and controls.


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Patrick Victor

Technical Support – Electric Heaters

Contact him at this email address pvictor@neptronic.com

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Diagnostics 501

Diagnstic Display on SKG Humidifier


We sometime get calls from technicians on site that are not sure how to troubleshoot a SKG that is not reacting to control signal. Where to start looking? and what to do? Here is breakdown of the diagnostic procedure to help resolving that kind of issue in a quick and effective manner.



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David Wong

Technical Support – Humidifiers

Contact him at this email address david@neptronic.com 

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What’s the Difference?

2 Pipe vs 4 Pipe Fan Coil


There are many questions that arise when setting up a fan coil controller. Most of these interrogations come when setting up a TFC series controllers. While in the configuration of the TFC, one of the first settings asks if it is a 2 pipe or 4 pipe system. In order to clarify the differences, we will expose these two concepts here.


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Patrick Lafrance

Technical Support – HVAC Controls

Contact him at this email address patrick.lafrance@neptronic.com