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CMMB1020 — Remote I/O Communication Module — technology you can count on

CMMB1020 — Remote I/O Communication Module — technology you can count on

Montreal, Canada | February 12th, 2024 - HVAC in any facility has traditionally always been the highest energy consumer. In the drive towards Green buildings which aim to be energy efficient and carbon neutral, there is a lot of emphasis on measurement and control of HVAC equipment for accuracy and precision.

A lot of effort and attention to detail is required to ensure a smooth functioning of an HVAC system for any indoor space. For a system to work in harmony to achieve the desired results and provide comfort to the occupants, measurement of various process parameters such static pressure, temperature, humidity, and flow measurement with consistency goes unsaid.

In order to deliver reliable, usable and dependable data, NEPTRONIC has developed a remote high-density input/output (I/O) communication module with an impressive 30 inputs and 20 outputs to allow you to keep an eye on all process parameters and ensure the equipment and thereby the facility performs at its optimum capacity.

The CMMB1020 module has been installed with an updated BACnet stack compliant to the ASHRAE 135-2020 which brings a host of additional hardware and software improvements. With the BTL certification, this product would be tested and proven for seamless integration with all building automation systems that comply to the BACnet standard.

« The team had an interesting challenge in building all the services and support required to comply to the latest revision of the BACnet standard,” says product manager Prem Lanka. “Support to backup and restore a user configuration for rapid deployment on a job site, cloning the image of an existing I/O card for easy replacement, extended frame support are some features which were interesting challenges the team encountered during the course of development. »

By the time this product hits the market, we would have the latest BACnet certification which makes us a competent and reliable product, thereby making your life easier.

NEPTRONIC believes in technology you can count on, to make it worth the investment and build a level of trust and competency that our clientele has come to expect from us.
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