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SKVF – Evaporative Cooler

SKVF – Evaporative Cooler


Montreal, Canada | July 12 , 2021 - Neptronic is pleased to announce the official launch of our very first cooling unit. The SKVF Evaporative Cooler is engineered to beat the heat in applications where high temperatures are unfavorable to occupants, production and material goods while also adding humidity to the space.

The SKVF uses energy-efficient and modulating fans to circulate outdoor fresh air or indoor recirculated air. It can be used in both humidification and cooling applications to decrease room temperature in an energy-efficient manner in greenhouses, paint booths, data centers, factories, and more.


  • Compact, quiet and standalone unit
  • ECM fan with variable output (10-100%)
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Configurable for minimal water usage
  • Remote humidity and temperature control

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